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Carolyn Clinton



Carolyn has performed professionally with theatres such as Four Corners Musical Theatre, Seven Angels Theatre, Music Theatre of Connecticut, ACT of CT, The Summer Theatre of New Canaan, The New Paradigm Theatre, and The Downtown Cabaret Theatre. She is an Equity Membership Candidate who currently resides in Norwalk, CT but is also local to NYC and the tri-state area. Carolyn graduated from Wagner College summa cum laude with a BA in Theatre and Minor in Dance.



In My "Stubborn" Era

Carolyn is thrilled to be back with the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and New Paradigm Theatre for their co-production of "The Music Man".

This is a one-night-only performance on Saturday, February 10th at 7:30pm.

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Carolyn is thrilled to announce that she will be making her Seven Angels Theatre main stage debut in "Grumpy Old Men - The Musical"!

Performances run Fridays-Sundays, March 1st-24th!

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